The continuation of the educational campaign Miasto ING, dedicated to issues of online cybersecurity, was a unique event. This time, it was aimed at the youngest, who had the extraordinary opportunity to participate in a virtual concert by their idol – Palion. This incredible performance drew over 50,000 players live, creating an atmosphere of unforgettable entertainment and learning simultaneously.

All of this took place on a specially prepared virtual map where participants could have a great time. The unexpected interruption of the performance, inspired by a “hacker attack,” became an educational moment, allowing everyone present to learn about the lurking online threats. This unconventional educational approach captured the attention and sparked broad interest among internet users. We are immensely proud of our role in this project and of our contribution to its success. The educational campaign on cybersecurity, combined with a musical experience, proved to be a brilliant idea that was appreciated and remembered by many participants. Our collaboration with Paweł Palion in the realization of this project brought us immense satisfaction, and we are incredibly proud of it.